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Certified Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting

 Before you buy a bike: 

  • Stand over the frame to check the height.
  • 1" of clearance between your body and the top of a traditional straight top tube.
  • 2" of clearance between your body and a slightly sloping top tube.
    • The recommended amount of clearance is the same for men and women
    • Wear your cycling shoes, if possible.

A proper road bike fit system is one that helps a rider adopt a road bike fit used by most of the better road bike riders.

A proper tri bike fit system will place triathletes in an optimized position for riding a bike outfitted with aero bars.

It's important to understand that how a bike fits. 

Your Certified Fit Institute SlowTwitch (F.I.S.T.) Bike Fitting addresses and adjusting you to your bike with the 10 point F.I.S.T. system:

1. F.I.S.T. axioms

2. F.I.S.T. protocol

3. Measuring conventions

4. Seat height

5. Cockpit length

6. Hip angle

7. Armrest drop

8. Tools of the trade used to properly set up your bike  

9. Your bike's "waistline"

10. Translating fit specs to bike specs Adjust seat (saddle) height and all measurements to You.