You are a WINNER every time you get to the start line!!

Training Packages

Wildflower Training Plan - Olympic Distance     $50.00

Wildflower Training Plan - Long Distance          $75.00

Vineman Half Ironman Training Plan                  $75.00

Tri Life Coaching Ironman Training

Tri Life Coaching realizes that Ironman Training is tough enough alone.  With a group we can provide the friendship and encouragement to get you through even your toughest training days.  We assist each other all the way through to our Ironman race, whether it's your first or your tenth.  Our group will motivate you and keep you on track daily so you can keep up with your training. The Coach and other successful Ironman Racers will help prepare you for the ultimate challenge in the multisport racing. With weekly training sessions set up for the strength, swim, bike, and run you will see personal improvement on a steadily gaining trajectory; always keeping the GOAL in mind – to hear those beautiful words as you cross the finish line, “YOU   ARE   AN   IRONMAN!”

Tri Life Coaching Ironman Training Group has 2 options:

Platinum:  All inclusive and Comprehensive $250 a month

  • Everything in the Gold Plan
  • Monthly Training Plan - Personally Designed and Tailored to your specific needs
  • During the Week:  Multiple mornings and evening training with bricks.  (Tri Life Coaching Bootcamp included in plan)
  • 1 Private Training Session A Month (a $60-$75 dollar value)
  • A $25 a month discount for Returning Ironman Racers
  • Professional FIST System Bike Fit as needed throughout the season 

Gold:  Weekend Warrior $150 a month

  • Initial Assessment
  • Monthly Training Plan
  • On cialis prix Weekends: Long Group Swim, Bike & Run Sessions
  • Discount on Wildflower Weekend Training Camps  
  • Discounts on Nutrition, Clothing and Triathlon Gear
  • A Premium Training Peaks account is required. ($10 extra paid by athlete)

 Training will begin March 15 and continue through November 16 (Race Day).  This is a 9 month commitment.  You can start with Option B and upgrade to Option A at anytime during the season. Pool entrance fees are paid by the athlete.  WB Employees will get a $25 a month discount for the Months of June-September. Training Peaks discount code is USAT14  Options include training plans for all races we designate in your private initial assessment, ie...Wildflower, Vineman, Nationals, Malibu, Silverman and any other races we agree would benefit your Ironman Goal.  

- Please Contact Coach Mary for more info