You are a WINNER every time you get to the start line!!

The WB Triathlon Team

Wed, 2012-01-18 01:34 -- martindido

To ALL the WB 2nd Place Champions: 

Yes! That is correct, when all the timing errors had been corrected, our overall place in the Entertainment Industry Challenge at Malibu was actually 2nd Place!! Yes – we beat Disney as well as many other studios.

NBC/Universal still got 1st – but we have something to strive for in the next season! “PROUD OF THE TEAM” only begins to touch on some of the emotions I have been feeling all week! My head has been a a cloud and I can’t seem to shake it off – nor do I really want to! I have been involved with Triathlons for over 11 years now and the team effort and enthusiasm from every team member was just amazing!! For your information, you can look-up our results at However, what you might not know is that not only did we have 4 people on the poduim in their age-group (Megan Severa (1), Kristyn Cosgrove (2), Carrie Little-Hotlzman (2) and Mike Long (2)) and 1 of our relay’s got 2nd place but we also had a huge # of our people who where in the top 10 of their groups. Then the Icing on our Cake is our very own Megan Severa placed 3rd in the overall Female division! Our team is home-made and strong as ever!! One of the marvels of our incredible team spirit is that it not only spilled out from the members who represented us but it over-flowed from each and every team member regardless of how or where you placed. Our volunteers were out there cheering not only our team on, but all the racers – as we all did! I feel so priviledged to belong to such a wonderful group of people. The courage, bravery, perseverance, diligence, sharing, caring and zest with which we all trained during the year showed itself in such a huge wonderful way on Sunday!! CONGRATULATIONS to all of you and to your families for their understanding and support. I will take a short break from the weekly training emails as a small group of us gear up for the Australia Ironman in December. You will be receiving an email in the near future regarding a “volunteer” group going to the Arizona Ironman in Tempe, the weekend of Nov.18-20th to volunteer for the race support and for some to register for the Ironman next year. In December we will start training for the Solvang Century Ride which is March 10th (this is a 50, 62 or 100 mile ride – not a race). We will also be training for the Wildflower Triathlon Race which takes place in the begining of May – details to come soon. I look forward to training with all of you during the year, whether you join us for the Solvang ride in March, the Wildflower Triathlon in May or just once a year at Malibu! As always, it is a pleasure to be your Coach!