You are a WINNER every time you get to the start line!!

Wildflower Race Report

Thu, 2012-06-07 04:47 -- webmaster

The 30th annual Wildflower Triathlon at Lake San Antonio held May 4-6, was one of the best in recent memory.  With clear skies, light winds, and mild temperatures, both event days saw beautiful race conditions.  Temperatures for the morning swim were in the 70’s with water temperature in the mid 60’s.  The remainder of the race saw temperatures rising only into the mid 80’s for a pleasant race finish.  

A big CONGRATS and thank you goes out to all of the athletes that competed in this race weekend!  The hills of Lake San Antonio tested your conditioning but you persevered and conquered Wildflower. 

Known as the “Woodstock” of triathlons, Wildflower is unique in its team building dynamics.  There’s nothing better than spending 3 days and nights camping out, enjoying nature, sharing stories, race tips, and comradery around a roaring campfire with your WB teammates.  For those of you who have not tried it, it’s one of the WB team’s favorite yearly events.

Saturday night after dinner, while sitting around the campfire, the long course racers provided tips and race advice to the Olympic racers who would be on the course the next day.  That, combined with the “course visualization,” providing details of what to eat and when in relation to the course, gave the Olympic racers an extra edge for their event. 

Around the campfire Sunday night, while all the other teams pour out of the park in a mad dash for home, our team had a great Tequila Cinco de Mayo dinner while sharing their race stories.  The Olympic racers commented on how much the extra insight the night before meant to them and how it really helped with their race.   Its things like these that make Wildflower a great teambuilding event that not only helps better individual racers, but builds a stronger team. 


Saturday:  The Wildflower Long Course Triathlon is one of the premier triathlons nationally and internationally.  The 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run is one of the most challenging courses anywhere.  Beach Hill, Nasty Grade, Energized Peak and the back country trail run will test the skills of the elite, age group triathlete and the first time long course competitor.

This year’s Long Course participants were:

Mary Kane, Abby Canizales, Hans Kowoll, Shanon Muir &

Carrie Little - who finished 4th in her age group. 

Long Course Relay team included:  Michael Hajek  - swim

Jen Whalen- bike,  Rene Canizales - run

The WB relay team finished in 2nd place with a great time, killing the course.  However due to a technical error they were awarded a 4th place finish in the final standings.  They plan to return next year with a vegence!!

Sunday:  The Olympic Distance Triathlon is a world-class course of a 1.5K open water swim, a 40K (extremely hilly bike course) and a brutal 10K run course.  It is a great race for both beginners and accomplished competitors.

Olympic Course participants were:

Dan Burcham,  Doug Maxfield, Rob Braid, Mara Levin, Howard Thomson ,

Stephanie Arnoldy, Julie  McDaniel, Kristen Diehl, David Hutchin, Gayla Bassin &

Megan Severa - who finished 4th in her age group

Volunteers were: Chris Andrew, May Duldulao, Laura Noble, Mark Morse, Deirdre Hamilton,

Mary Donahue, Jake Gilbert, Catlin & Grey Burcham, Kaiser Maxfield, Zilla Levin, & Portola Kane

Once again, congratulations and thank you to all the race participants and volunteers who made this year’s Wildflower event one to remember.

“You are a WINNER every time you get to the start line!”

- Coach Mary