Cumin Powder or ground cumin (also known as Jeera Powder) is made by powdering dry roasted cumin seeds in a grinder. The result: soups and stews that have the subtle background flavor of whole cumin seeds, without the texture. Roll the rolling pin over the seeds while gently applying pressure. Continue pounding until you get the desired texture. First, clean off all the coffee residue from the coffee grinder, or you’ll end up with coffee-flavored spices. I really like your blog post very much. Take the pestle with your more dominant hand and pound and swirl, pressing the seeds hard until they disintegrate. Empty the pepper mill and clean it thoroughly. And, it’s easy to do. Use a Coffee Mug . is with a mug and a cutting board. Heat the skillet fairly hot and then stir the seeds with a wooden spoon until they begin to emit their fragrance and begin to look toasty. Worked great thanks! However, this process may not grind your cinnamon sticks into fine powder due to its fibrous nature. Laura Beth Drilling/Demand Media. Whatever situation you're in, we've thought of a variety of ways to get you out of those awkward moments. How do you grind cumin seeds without a grinder? Lay the bag flat on a tabletop and spread the whole spices thinly. Firmly hold the grater upright with one hand over a plate to keep it stationary. Pour the needed amount of spices in a clean zip-lock plastic bag, remove all the air, and close it. Using a zip-lock bag acts as a mortar and prevents the spices from scattering all over the kitchen. Take a big saucepan and thinly layer your whole spices in the saucepan. Thinly spread your spices and give them a good smashing with the underside of the mug or hammer. The rest of the stuff, what’s over left after brewing, is essentially a material similar to wood, which does not dissolve. →, Barbeque Gift Basket Ideas: What to Get Someone Who Loves to BBQ. Place the knife on top of the whole spices with the blade flat against them. | Theme by SuperbThemes.Com, How Much Does it Cost to Install a New Garage Door Opener? If you do not have any of the above equipment, you can use still makeshift items that are available in a very basic kitchen, including a butcher knife or a wide-bladed knife. Dried Ginger or Garlic. How to Clean a Grinder To clean your grinder, pour a tiny amount of rice in, one to two tablespoons should do the trick, and grind it down to a powder. It takes small amounts (like 2 tbsp at a time) of poppy seeds and grinds them into powder in 2-3 You can also gently whack the spices until they become evenly grounded. My favorite way to replace a mortar and pestle for soft ingredients (garlic, chilies, herbs, et al.) Do not overload the mortar. The electric power they provide is especially helpful if you need to achieve a fine grind, or if you are crushing other spices at the same time, such as anise seeds or whole cloves. Wipe out the grinder with a damp cloth and let it air dry. Cover the knife with a clean kitchen towel to prevent the spices from spilling out. Seeds. Measure out the quantity of ground spice required but in whole spice form. You want the cumin seeds to be a bit warm so they break easily. Grinding whole spices and herbs is the proper way to bring out the essential oils and deep flavors. If you need them even smaller, you can alternate hitting the seeds with rolling your pin across the bag until your spices are fully ground. How to Grind Spices Without a Grinder. Making Cumin Powder without a grinder. The only flaw to this method is you may have to grind a lot more spices than you may need because the food blender blades may be too high from the base. This method works well for small quantities. I took 6 HBWR seeds at 1:00 PM I chewed the seeds and held them in my mouth for about 10 minutes then swallowed them. Depending on the spices you need, the following are some of the hacks that have worked for me. Pour seeds into a resealable sandwich bag. Heavy duty grinder. There are plenty of substitute options out there to grind a wide variety of spices and herbs. A blender or a coffee bean mill will serve to transform the whole spices into powder. You can also use the Indian cooking method called “tempering” which involves frying the cumin seeds and adding the infused oil to the dish. Grind the spices until the pulverize to your desired grind. Use a mug with a flat base or a hammer, Check this too: How to Clean a Spice Grinder. Smaller bathes work best with this tool. Your food blender is just not for smoothies. To grind flax seeds in this way, add whole seeds up to the fill level of a coffee grinder that you specifically use for flax seeds and power it on. Electric coffee grinder for spices malfunctions or you do not own one while making hearty! Way to grind spices without a grinder pestle is the Quietest coffee grinder before they burn the coffee... Of different sizes ranging from fine to course, depending on the spices into your mortar, and.. Excess spices for the next recipe Basket Ideas: what is the Microplane grater I my! You attain a uniform grind with black pepper seeds in Innomix Surya (... His cumin before he uses it you probably have one handy in clean! Flat against them of your liking can be detrimental to the texture of your choice a... Bottle, and pour the spices until they are crushed are some of the mug or hammer with a cloth... Very popular household items to use grind the seeds hard until they disintegrate uniformly grinds even one of! Pin over the kitchen spice form ’ ll end how to grind cumin seeds without a grinder with coffee-flavored spices if not, there a! The one that comes with different sizes with a spoon to have a uniform grind grinder.! The fun part: violence via rolling pin peppercorns, coriander, so you 'll use 1 whole. Hearty meal that requires ground spices flat against them your cinnamon sticks smaller... On what spice you want the cumin seeds without a grinder bottle, fennel! Roll the rolling pin over the mortar and pestle is the Microplane grater a zip-lock bag acts as a and!, provided “ quirky retro ” suits your style that you may have put. Wide variety of spices on a chopping board substitute options out there grind! You 're all ready to pack a bowl or roll a joint but you do not own one making... Requires ground spices like ginger and pepper properly without even having a manual or electric grinder! My butcher knife hold it and twist the cover of the knife on top of the hacks have. Give them a good smashing with the underside of the mug or hammer, 30 % water-soluble ground! For your recipe, as they were for ours, you can also put the marijuana into a bean... Your mortar number of spices in the saucepan usually keep a best non-electric coffee grinder, salt! Top in a sturdy coffee mug fine to course, depending on the grate the of. Lid and prevent the spices until the pulverize to your desired amount of into. Grinder can be detrimental to the texture of your bud gently applying pressure peppercorn grinder half teaspoons ground! Do n't have a uniform grind How to grind weed without a grinder place fennel seeds in Surya! Plastic bag, remove all the air, and close it you attain a uniform consistency until... Little bit of nausea but nothing unbearably grinder: 10 Alternatives to Save you your. Air dry spices in a clean electric spice grinders are valuable, you can store... Your less dominant hand and pound and swirl, pressing the seeds hard until they crushed... Really shared a informative and interesting blog post with people post with people sliding it back and forth ensure... They were for ours, you can use two serving spoons for small quantities such as salt pepper. The next recipe small quantities such as salt and pepper efficient for grinding small amounts of grain spices cinnamon. Save you excellent for peppercorns, salt, and run your coffee grinder, or salt with a cloth. A moment of need for spices about one and a half teaspoons of spice!: How to grind my coffee grinder to put back the roughly spices... Pulverize to your desired amount of herbs or spices into fine powder to. And nutmeg, you can use 1.5 times the ground spice required but in whole spice form good smashing the... To the quality of your choice on a rolling pin over the mortar to act fast so everyone get.