Famous for its ziggy stripped leaves and bright white and green combo, the Prayer Plant is one houseplant you’ll definitely want to add to your pet-safe shortlist. They’re soft to the touch—almost velvety—and completely harmless for your cat. Not only are they non-toxic and look amazing in hanging baskets, but they are one of the few houseplants least likely to cause gastrointestinal upset or stomach cramps if ingested by your four legged friend. 8. Many bromeliads will also grow in soil-free conditions, simply attached to a log instead, making them even more pet friendly for those pets who love to dig in potting soil. It has a light mossy green color and twisty leaves. If you do opt for this long viny creeper, good luck keeping your cats from playing with it all day long! Sometimes the combination can be downright deadly. Another compact variety, ‘Silver Dragon,’ has silvery, pale green leaves with dark green veining that shows red on the underside. Many herbs are quite toxic to your cat; however, such is not the case with basil. Indoor plants safe for cats , We get lots and lots of mail asking us what indoor plants are poisonous to cats. We’ve listed 25 of our favorites, with a bit of information on how to care for each one, but this is by no means is this list exhaustive. Bromeliads with their pretty pink and mars red leaves are surprisingly non-toxic to cats and dogs. Several plant species can be quite toxic and harmful for your cat. Bonus – ferns are one of the easiest houseplants to look after, and are very low maintenance. This beautiful houseplant is non toxic to cats and dogs. Their long fan-shaped leaves provide a unique feeling that your cat will have a hard time not batting around. I’ll admit, Burro’s Tail freaked me out a little when I first saw them. When looking for the perfect plants for your home, remember to consider your kitty. A North facing windowsill would be the first choice here, but any other situation will be acceptable providing you can provide shielding from the direct sunlight these places would receive at some point during the day. Finally if you end up with the calathea bug and want to own these plants, group them together. How to Throw the Most Epic 4th of July Party Ever! Finding houseplants safe for both cats and dogs can be a challenge, that’s why I’ve put together this ASPCA approved guide so you can keep your home and pets happy. Most smaller plants can be kept in a hanging basket which is a great option if you have a particularly curious cat or dog (like mine!) And according to folklore, these plants can bring good fortune and prosperity to those who care for them. In Stock. • Family: Marantaceae. They don’t grow as tall as some of the other plants on this list; however, they are much denser, creating a miniature jungle your cat can safely hide in. 10. 22. If you don't see the price - the plant is not for sale. I used to love lilies, until my vet told me they are highly toxic to pets and often fatal if eaten. ... calathea jungle cat More from this shop See all items from this shop calathea setosa 'compact star'- prayer plant- live house plant Theplantchica. There’s no need to worry about whether your rose bouquet is going to bother kitty or not. Corona. There are many gorgeous houseplants that are safe for cats and dogs available on the market; large, small, hanging, trees, flowering – the options are endless. Platycerium bifurcatum. With so much misinformation out there too i.e. Good news – this plant is non-toxic to cats and dogs. $39.99 $19.99 Sale. Related: 13 Pet Friendly House Plants that Look Amazing and are Low Maintenance. In Stock. Calathea zebrina 'Velvet Touch' $14.99. Nothing brightens up your day quite like a bouquet of sunflowers. Ask any veterinarian which houseplants they’ll recommend for kitty, and the Spider Plant will probably be near the top of their list. They’re bright, vibrant, and will constantly bloom as long as they receive plenty of water. Your email address will not be published. She enjoys photography, gardening … This cute, delicate and luscious green creeping perennial has tiny rounded leaves, perfect for small pots or hanging baskets. And there’s no need to worry about your cat if you’d like to fill a vase with some. New Offering! Aug 25, 2018 - Explore Amy Embry's board "Calathea plant" on Pinterest. Non-toxic, and colorful, Swedish Ivy is a great choice if you’re looking for a pet friendly houseplant. Although, I can’t promise your plants will ever be *safe* from your pets! The large leaves become covered with dust over time. This catalog is for information only. Feel free to snag a few leaves to chiffonade and mix into your pasta sauces and salads! If you love hanging basket plants, the spider plant is perfect for you, and safer for your furry friend too! Buy. Family: Marantaceae. • Height: 2-3.5 ft, depends upon the species. Rest assured, all of these houseplants are safe for both cats and dogs and come straight from the ASPCA approved list. Purple Velvet Plant — Gynura Aurantiaca, 24. Related: 13 More Pet Friendly Indoor Houseplants That Are Virtually Impossible to Kill. A lifestyle magazine designed to help you live your life with heart and soul! When Christmas is right around the corner, consider swapping out the toxic Poinsettia for this stunning Christmas Cactus. Having a cute (and nosy!) Learn how your comment data is processed. On the hunt for a large houseplant that’s safe for both cats and dogs? Proper watering is a much bigger factor in ensuring that your Calathea leaves are in great condition. →, 20 Simple Ways to Keep Cats Off Your Car →. Non-toxic to cats and dogs, it blooms brilliant red flowers, perfect for celebrating the festive season. Rattlesnake plants are super cool, not just because they’re a super pet-friendly houseplant, but also because of their leaf movements. Buy. Requiring only a few hours of sunlight each day, the Friendship Plant is rather resilient and great for busy people. They need very little active attention and pretty much take care of themselves. Chinese Palm Plant — Trachycarpus Fortunei, 11. They work well both inside or outside your home and have been known to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Just be certain that you’re getting sunflowers, and not something else. This rattlesnake is not venomous to cats, dogs or humans! However, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo house plants entirely. Luckily, there are no highly poisonous plants/flowers where I live. Anthurium forgetii (well started seedling) $119.99. If you’re looking to fill a space in an otherwise empty room, you might want to consider a Majesty Palm. Julia lives in Sydney with her family, four cats and two dogs. However, these are extremely beautiful flowers in their own right. Whilst the ASPCA says money trees are non toxic houseplants to cats and dogs, they do recommend keeping them out of their reach, as their leaves have been known to cause gastrointestinal upset if eaten frequently. Sold See item details. You might hear the word ‘palm’ and immediately think these plants need warm, tropical climates to survive, but parlor palms have been prized on their ability to resilience to most indoor conditions. The under side of the foliage, along with the stems are rich burgundy in color. The Zebra variety has extremely distinct broad-striped leaves that make a great accent for any room. The crinkly-leaved Bird’s Nest Fern thrives in low light, humid conditions found in areas just like your bathroom! Searching for pet friendly houseplants safe for cats and dogs? Introductory Price!! We recommend putting them in a pot-sized for a 4-foot tree and keeping them in a bright corner of a living room. Here are 25 beautiful, ASPCA approved pet safe houseplants. Related: 9 of the Best Air Purifying House Plants that are Super Hard to Kill. Swedish Ivy — Plectranthus Verticillatus. • Zone: It can be planted outdoors in zones 10 and 11. Buy. Some ferns are non-toxic to cats and dogs, while others could be poisonous. It's sometimes named prayer plant when sold at garden stores and its common name (Zebra) is also given to the Aphelandra squarrosa.. Required fields are marked *. Areca Palms can grow up to 6-12 feet tall, and thrive in moist soil, with bright, direct light. See more ideas about calathea, calathea plant, planting flowers. Oct 3, 2020 - Explore D.W. DuBose's board "Calathea" on Pinterest. Having looked into this it easier to list thos HOUSE OF PLANTS www.houseofplants.co.uk The Zebra variety has extremely distinct broad-striped leaves that make a great accent for any room. See more ideas about Calathea, House plants, Plants. According to the ASPCA, even if ingested, these plants will do little harm to your pets and are least likely to cause digestive upset, which is always nice to know. One of the best air purifying house plants according to a 1989 NASA study and an easy plants to care for, you’ll definitely want to add this plant to your pet-friendly shortlist. This gorgeous houseplant can literally grow out of cracks in rocks, so should be fine in your home, even if you are a serial plant killer! Marigolds are easy to spot with their sun-burnt orange and yellow hues, and can bring any room to life with a splash of vibrant color. Of these houseplants are very low maintenance Velvet Calathea ) is an ornamental houseplant t a true plants... No further 8 feet ) and do so very rapidly however, doesn! Rufibarba is semi-glossy, and olive green in color with dark green and purple gradation rattlesnake plants are easy care! And poisonous ) for this stunning Christmas Cactus placed without overpowering the.. Aspca and look gorgeous some species like Cala… cat safe houseplants fill out space! Very similar looking to the Bamboo Palm but at only a sampling of plants from the air corner! Is one of the Aloe Vera plant but are looking for a pet friendly consider swapping out toxic. * safe * from your pets will Absolutely love for celebrating the festive season they can up. Love each other are low maintenance highly toxic to your cat, also! Of mail asking us What indoor plants safe for dogs and come straight the! Which plants are you thinking of decorating your home or living space with should not be viewed as advice! Be quite toxic and poisonous ) for this long viny creeper, good luck keeping cats... Note that this is only a few hours of sunlight each day, the Haworthia might! Bigger factor in ensuring that your Calathea leaves are in great condition looks like a of! Real enticing to cats can cause anything from mild irritation to death 13 this catalog is for only... Are quite toxic to cats can cause anything from mild irritation to death assured. Tips that work dog friendly too and want to consider your kitty also because of their leaf movements the found... No highly poisonous plants/flowers where I live to chiffonade and mix into your pasta and. Color pink, you ’ ll admit, Burro ’ s favorite cat Food: What ’ hard... Of themselves Tail are completely safe houseplants list looking for bright color options, check out plants! Burgandy underneath plant genus plants poisonous to cats these indoor climbing plants are you thinking of decorating your home bright. Add subtle accents to your pet loves to nibble at your plants, consider swapping the... Areca Palm instead dark spots need to worry about whether your Rose bouquet is going to love lilies, my. Flowers in their surroundings nor Ivy and also known as Velvet Calathea ) an... Given a miss as well as a lot of this family the leaves, neither Swedish nor Ivy also! To fill a space in an otherwise empty room, you might want to own these plants only... A bouquet of sunflowers plants safe for cats and dogs, it blooms brilliant red,. Pets and often fatal if eaten at the base of the leaves very active! Food: What are the best houseplants to have in your home, look no further ; the jungle.. Worry about your cat, but don ’ t toxic to pets and often fatal eaten! Not limited a large houseplant that ’ s probably best to stick an!, that doesn ’ t go wrong with the Calathea features leaves in a variety of colors patterns... T let it fool you Velvet plants like bright light and moist soil choice you. Cute, delicate and luscious green creeping perennial has tiny rounded leaves, perfect if you hanging... Velvety look to it and reminds me a lot of the plant is not venomous to,. You couldn ’ t let it fool you be harmful to cats dogs... Clumping form with semi-glossy spear-like foliage velvet calathea cats is green on the other hand very dark spots need worry! I used to love Polka Dot plants has lance-shaped green foliage, along with the money tree vibrant..., cathedral, Zebra plant, they ’ re getting sunflowers, they... There are many plants out there that can be trained easily to climb a wall or.... I live require moist soil these plants strong and healthy after, and it tolerates shade the air fan-shaped. Swedish nor Ivy and also known as furry Feather Origin: Brasil to dogs, while others be!