Website The East Bay Skyline National Trail, which traverses 31 miles of East Bay hills from Richmond to Castro Valley, runs the length of the park. Hike all the trails in all East Bay Regional Parks; Hike all the trails in other East Bay Parks that interest me as well, namely: Joaquin Miller, Lime Ridge, Los Vaqueros Watershed, Mount Diablo, Shell Open Space, and Sycamore Grove ... “Started off at the valle vista staging area, for a run/ hike to redwood regional do the east ridge to west ridge loop and return. East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) The EBRPD manages over 1,150 miles of trails in the East Bay, and offers numerous activities in their 108,000+ acres of open space. The district encourages visiting parks close to home, but wherever you live in the East Bay, you can find a regional park near you. Here are some suggestions: Best Hiking in East Bay, CA - A really great place to hike as there are so many trails to discover. As fall turns to winter, with its colder and damper climate, here are some tips to help make your East Bay Park visits safer and more enjoyable. While the East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD) has closed public facilities like restrooms and water fountains, it's said that regional trails will remain open. Challenge includes . Part of the East Bay Regional Parks system, the park covers 741 acres of land leased from the Oakland Airport that features a bevy of accessible green … East Bay Hiking Challenge Hike All East Bay Regional Park Trails. Las Trampas to Mount Diablo Regional Trail: This hiking and equestrian trail is 5 miles long and connects two popular parks in the region, Los … 3450 Joaquin Miller Rd. Chabot is connected to Cull Canyon Regional Recreation Area by a six mile section of the Chabot to Garin Regional Trail. Though the East Bay, which includes parts of Alameda and Contra Costa counties, is densely populated, the region is also home to over 119,000 acres of open space maintained by the regional park district. The East Bay Skyline National Trail runs from Lake Chabot Regional Park near Castro Valley to Wildcat Canyon Regional Park in the Richmond hills. Parks, Hiking (510) 238-7275. There are lots of cooler options for hiking and riding in the East Bay Regional Park District. You pass through six parks in the East Bay Regional Park District, getting a feel for many of the region’s wildest lands and loveliest views. On 65 different preserves, 1,200 miles of trails pass through sheltered forests and … CONTRA COSTA COUNTY—Because the continuing coronavirus pandemic has limited many forms of recreation, the regional parks and outdoor venues in general have seen a substantial increase in visitors. 30 East Bay nature walks and urban outings Enjoy spring's blue skies and the promise of longer days with one of these outdoor escapes in the East Bay.